Local Time in Korr, Kenya

Sunday, March 6, 2011

School Library

(Celina searching for the perfect story.)

T.S.S. now proudly possesses a library! We've even got a proper library room with shelves, Encyclopedias, and a few worthless romance novels! I'm, of course, very excited to see the kids reading novels, as I'm convinced it will increase their English literacy by at least one level if they consistently check out books.

(The Library Prefect, Shadrak, with his favourite story book, The Last of the Mohicans: Abridged.)

I've even started an incentive program in my English classes - I'm a fan of bribes. Each story book my kids read, they're allowed to write a one paragraph description of the story (sort of like a book report, but totally without the criteria we had in the 5th grade), turn their summary paragraph into me, and then they get a star sticker on the back of their bookmarks (gifts provided from the States by Anita and John Harting!). 3 star stickers on the back of your book mark means that you're not only a Reading Super Star, but that you're also getting an award. Don't ask what the award is; I've yet to figure that out.

(Meshack with his book of the week and book mark.)