Local Time in Korr, Kenya

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Family Photos

(Above, from left to right: Alicia, Me, Abaya, Ruth, and Jamie lined up on the steps of the water tower.)

I don't know who thought of it, but we all agreed that it would be a WONDERFUL idea to take a set of family photos with all us girls and Abaya (our night guard.) And so, just like we do at home on the California beaches, we all put on our white shirts and blue jeans, handed Abaya a white shirt as well, as found the most scenic views in our yard. Abaya seemed to know exactly what was happening, and graciously did every pose we asked of him, so he got a new v-neck out of the deal (and memories to last a lifetime)!

(Below is a piture of Abaya with his panga pretending to go after our cat. We didn't even have to tell him this is how we wanted him to pose. I guess he's heard us yell, "Inguss! Kute!"/ "Cat! Get out!" enough times to understand our feelings for this member of the family.)

I guess the question we girls should have been asking ourselves was not "Are we ready for Africa?" but "Is Afric
a ready for us?"


  1. Awesome. Those are cool pictures! Great idea too!!

  2. lol, the last one is my fav :)

  3. Dynamite posting! The photos of all of you together gives us a better picture of your environment. Abaya looks like a reasonably happy camper to be watching over you girls at night. Love ya. G'pa & G'ma.