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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Plant Nursery

Little known fact: I really like plants. I probably know more about various varieties of flowers and fruit than many other people in their early-20s. I know you can graft different kinds of fruit onto one tree effectively creating a real life "Cherry Apple" tree. I also know how to recognize tons of different flowers and I know that those huge flowering bushes they grow in freeway medians across California are poisonous.

But whatever fun facts I have about plants, how anyone has a thriving plant nursery in the desert is baffling. And yet, over the volcanic hill near my house, down in a sandy valley, you will find this: A nursery shaded by thorny acacia branches and situated near the community water tap.

Mommas and Abayas watering, kids carrying jerry cans of water over, customers shopping for that perfect tree. It's the first time I've ever heard of this place, but I wish I'd known longer because I certainly would have developed a habit of schleping a chair out there and taking a book - it's so cool and quiet, perfect for a lazy read and a nap.

(These boys had a similar idea as me: Hang out and play in wheelbarrows)

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  1. What?! No way! That's so cool! All the rains must have made this possible? It certainly wasn't there when I was there!

    And I like that you call it "cool down there. It's all relative, isn't it?! :)